As one of the leading cruise ship HVAC specialists, we are now able to provide a complete UV-C solution for the cruise ship industry. Since COVID-19 became a reality, we have worked hard with our partners to put together an affordable and customizable solution, for the industry’s many air handling units. In addition to the air handling unit systems, we have solutions for room disinfection, with both direct irradiation and air circulation.
UV-C is a light technology that has been on the market for many years. It has so far been mostly used in hospitals and similar institutions that require extremely high disinfection rates. HVACON Marine Systems have used the time, to get acquainted with the products and philosophy of UVGI disinfection and teamed up with prominent people from UV-C industry.

New data from medical studies show that UV-C is very effective against the inactivation of SARS-CoV-2.

UVGI can with a wavelength of 254nm, according to ASHRAE (The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) help us in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hvacon Marine Systems UV-C solution involves several UV-C lamps that are placed in air handling units and therefore the recycled airstream. The required power of the lamps is calculated based on the air velocity, duct dimensions and customers required disinfection rate. This is all calculated, after we together with the customer have made an investigation of the actual conditions onboard the ship. We can adjust the system and deliver solutions with LOG1 (90%), LOG2 (99%) and LOG3 (99,9%) disinfection rate.

Other solutions on the markets today, seems to be filter solutions. Since the COVID-19 requires an extremely high filtration rate, the pressure loss can be fatal for the health of the HVAC systems. It will also end up being an expensive solution, as the filters needs to be replaced often, and the pressure loss requires much more energy from the ship.

We are now ready with the next generation, within UV-C systems. This features an option for an intelligent management system, which only turn on the lights in a specific system, when it is required by the government requirements. This will both expand the lifetime of the bulbs and optimize the energy on your next health and safety upgrade. The intelligent management system can also provide you with a log, with exact time the system has been on / off and how many hours the bulbs has been on. This can be used to document the operation of the system to the authorities.

Hvacon Marine System are up to date on all government requirements in EU and the US. Our systems will also comply with the “EU HEALTHY GATEWAYS – Interim guidance for preparedness and response to cases of COVID-19 at points of entry in the European Union (EU)/EEA member states (MS)” which among other recommendations, requires as little recirculation as possible.

We are ready to help your company get back in operation, after the biggest pandemic of our time. We can help with quotation calculation and subsequently a quick start-up of the installation.