Ultraviolet light systems for all
HVAC and marine applications

UV-light technology РThe safest way to improve your HVAC systems 

HVAC UV Light Systems helps sterilize the biological contaminants like germs, viruses and mold in the HVAC systems. A lot of the HVAC systems we see in the marine industry today, are energy optimized by recirculating some of the airflow. This air can contain contaminated air, from other passengers. If the airflow is exposed by UV-C light in the right dosage, it will inactivate viruses and improve the overall air quality. It can be a hard task to prevent spreading of diseases like COVID-19 onboard a cruise ship without UV Light. In other words, our turnkey UVGI system is highly recommended and an easy way to keep your HVAC system with recirculation running.
Hvacon Marine Systems will always customize the solution to your requirements and deliver turnkey systems. The systems we provide will remove up to 99,9%(LOG3) of airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens in HVAC systems. Therefore we use the latest UVC technology and are always up to date on the authorities’ requirements and recommendations for UV-C and the cruise ship industry.
Any short wave UV-C lamps, we can provide, use a wavelength of 253.7 nm (254 nm) and will therefore always be referred to as ozone-free.
After the installation, the systems will not require any special maintenance, except bulb replacements. In addition, the rated lifetime of an ultraviolet bulb for HVAC decontamination, has an average of 16.000 hours. Different lifetime ratings can be provided upon request.
Although we can provide solutions that remove 99.9% (LOG3) of airborne viruses, in many cases it will be an option to settle for a LOG2 (99%) or LOG1 (90%) system according to ASHRAE.

HVACON Sterlights 

In addition to our powerful air handling unit and fancoil unit UVC systems with 254 nm, we can also provide your public areas with FAR-UVC equipment from HVACON Sterlights. This equipment use 222 nm, which is safe for the human skin and eyes. HVACON Sterlights have a wide range of Far-UVC products, from entry gates, to hand disinfection stations. 

An effective sanitization program should include multiple layers of protection. Sterlights 222 Entry Gate provides the first line of defense in reducing microbes on clothing and personal belongings as people enter a space. The gate has been designed to ensure safe decontamination access to controlled areas such as airport arrivals and departures, public concert venues and sporting venues or even office buildings.The Entry employs Far-UVC lights and decontaminates people as they pass through.

We are ready for your next health and safety projects

Contact us today for more information and let us start the calculations of the system you need. We have teamed up with some of the biggest suppliers in HVAC and UVC lightning. The project will therefore be in safe hands, from start to finish, with our experienced engineering team. They will ensure that surveys, calculations, documentation and installation are carried out as fast as possible. All of this without unnecessarily affecting the running systems and passengers.

All calculations for our HVAC UV Light Systems, are based on recommendations from authorities, expected rate of airborne disinfection, velocity, design of your existing HVAC system etc.