This week, Hvacon Sterlights is presented in Børsen, with the new and safe Far-UVC products for disinfection of various areas and objects. The Far-UVC products will kill bacteria and germs on hands, smartphones, surfaces etc.

Hvacon Marine Systems can help you install a complete system for your company or fleet, to protect your customers, employees and production.
A major virus outbreak in a company organization, with many infected employees, will often lead to loss of revenue, delay in production, among other side effects.

With a Hvacon Sterlights gate, you can prevent surface-transported viruses from entering certain areas of your buildings, such as the restaurant, bathrooms or the entire business. The gate will be located at all entrances to the area you want protected. Here the employees will pass through, at the entrance and exit to the area. It requires no physical interaction of the employees. The entire disinfection will happen automatically in a few seconds.

Another important health and safety measurement are hand hygiene. With Hvacon Sterlights products, we can add an extra layer of safety in connection with your existing handwash stations. Hvacon Sterlights can provide a wallmounted hand disinfection station, where both hands are inserted for a few seconds, while being treated with the Far-UVC rays.

As with the rest of Hvacon Sterlights products, this is completed without touching any buttons or similar interactions.
Gates and Far-UVC light will always be powered off, as long as there is no movement around the gate. There is no heating time required for Hvacon Sterlights Far-UVC light,  and you will get full power of the disinfection from start to finish, when the smart sensors detect a person.