Control Systems Engineer

HVACON Marine Systems A/S is located in Frederikssund with a branch in Næstved. We specialize in marine automation, electrical design, and HVAC energy optimization within the maritime sector, however primarily on cruise ships.

We are looking for a highly motivated control system engineer to join our control systems design and commissioning team. You will be part of a well-functioning team of project managers, supervisors, and project engineers, where you will be managing automation projects and assisting in software development.

In the newly created position, you will contribute to a good structure in the company, and you become the lead on many of the software related tasks that exist across our projects, with direct referral to the Head of Software and Automation.

Your responsibilities:

  • Participate in design or modification of control systems, including IT architecture, cloud solutions as well as PLC/HMI/SCADA.
  • Participate in further development and implementation of our cloud based remote reporting and monitoring system called the Enhanced system.
  • Work closely with PLC and HMI development to integrate and further develop our innovative control solutions.
  • Participate in conceptual development and execute concepts into code.
  • Manage contractors to optimally execute scopes of work.
  • Onboard commissioning of our upgrade or energy saving projects, as well as service jobs on cruise ships all around the world.
  • Participate in the layout of new control panels.

Your primary workplace will be in Frederikssund, but days with working from home will be an option, when your presence in the company is not needed.

The candidate:

  • The ideal candidate takes pride in his/her hands-on work, analytical ability, and attention to detail. You appreciate an environment where innovative and quality work is encouraged and rewarded, and where individuals carry great responsibility. You look forward to learning an incredible amount on the job, from a market leader in marine HVAC automation. You are an excellent cross-team communicator, with a flair for understanding processes and electrical systems as well as complex control systems.
  • Good PLC programming skills, and a willingness to learn multiple platforms such as; Siemens, ABB (CodeSys), Schneider/Modicon, SAIA ect.
  • Knowledge of or willingness to learn various HMI/SCADA systems such as; Intouch, PCvue ect.
  • Basic understanding and willingness to learn IT systems.
  • Knowledge of or willingness to learn open-source operative system Linux, and open-source applications such as node-red, Grafana, ect.

If you are interested in the position, or want to hear more, please forward your CV and application to: